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We are elevating the way people travel with our curated end-to-end experience. Driven by technology, data, and human connections every step of the way, Domio is crafting the most delightful stay for all of our guests.

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For co-founders Jay and Adrian, travel is about bringing people together. They noticed that traveling with friends and family often meant being separated into different rooms or neighborhoods. In 2016, they started Domio and set out to solve these problems by providing larger spaces that focus on comfort, consistency, and world-class design.

Jay Roberts - CO-Founder and CEO
Jay Roberts
Co-Founder & CEO
Adrian Lam - Co-Founder and CSO
Adrian Lam
Co-Founder & CSO
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Today, the Domio team comprises talent from top companies in hospitality, real estate, technology, and design. We take pride in making each stay feel as unique & immersive as the destination itself.

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