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A city where the sun shines every day, with miles of coast, a world-renowned zoo, and some of the best Mexican food north of Mexico, San Diego has something to offer everyone. Whether it’s the surfer styles of Ocean Beach, the cocktail bars in Mission Hills, a great meal in Little Italy's Top Chef Alley, or the rich cultural offerings at Balboa Park, you can find the SoCal you're looking for. Take a drive along the coast, nosh on a fish taco, or kick back with a local craft beer. The only requirements are a pair of sunglasses and an open mind.

Balboa Park Rose Garden, San Diego, CASan Diego Tex-Mex Cuisine - Churros, Tacos and Nachos

“You stay classy, San Diego.”

Ron Burgundy

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San Diego Sea Lions - La Jolla Cove, California

San Diego Knowledge

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    San Diego produces the most avocados in the United States. In fact, Jason Mraz, whose laid-back crooner stylings were discovered here, owns a 5-acre avocado farm in the area.

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    A number of animals have escaped from the San Diego Zoo over the years, most notably a Bornean orangutan named Ken Allen who became known as “the hairy Houdini” for his logic-defying escapes.

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    The climate's dryness means day after day of sunshine, but at a cost. The city imports 168 million gallons of water a day.


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Cucina Urbana

This Bankers Hill restaurant and wine shop delivers the cuisines of Italy with a California dedication to locally-sourced, farm-to-table ingredients.


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Surfing Pacific Beach

A great place to paddle out—for novices and expert surfers alike. Or, you can stick to the beach and watch the beautiful people recreate in the sunshine.


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Balboa Park

1200 acres of lush California landscape with more than 16 museums, multiple performing art venues, trails, gardens, and other attractions including the world-famous San Diego Zoo make this park a must-visit.

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